In addition to kebab fast food business, Gettmore Group also owns subsidiary companies such as:

a) Kyros Bakery & Confectionery Sdn Bhd which is involved in the manufacture of Lebanese Bread and
Pita Bread, and

b) Daging Salai Sdn Bhd which is engaged in the production of Halal BBQ Meat including chicken, beef and
lamb meat. A brief description of each type of products mentioned above can be enumerated as shown below:-
Both of these breads are considered as healthy breads suitable for consumers concerned with diabetic,
digestive and constipation problems due to their oil-free nature and low sugar composition.

Their product positioning as the alternative breads to the traditional sandwich bread creates a new dimension
to the choices of bread available to the consumers. Lebanese bread is ideal for eating in a wrapped condition
or dipped into curry gravy whereas pita bread is suitable for eating with stuffed meat/vegetables. Pita bread is
available in a choice of either wholemeal bread or plain bread.

Besides consumption at the Kyros Kebab outlets, these breads are also sold to the retail minimarkets/
supermarkets/hypermarkets, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, international schools, etc.

This delectable delicacy has been a traditional favourite with the Chinese consumers especially during
Chinese New Year as a gift item presented to relatives and friends during festive visits.

With a view of expanding the acceptance of this delicacy to a greater segment of the Malaysian population,
Kyros Kebab has converted it into a HALAL product that can be enjoyed by the Muslim consumers.

HALAL BBQ meat is best eaten directly as a snack or mixed with bread as a sandwich.

Currently, four delicious flavours , namely black pepper, kebab spices, honey and spicy, are available for
the gastronomic enjoyment of the consumers.