The operation of Kyros Kebab business can be carried out in three different concepts i.e.:
Kiosk Concept - a minimum of about 200 sq. ft.
Café Concept - a minimum of about 500 sq. ft
Restaurant Concept - a minimum of about 700 sq. ft.

Owing to the diversity of its operating sizes, Kyros Kebab outlets are flexible business units targeting at
different catchment markets. In areas which experience expensive property prices or rentals,
the kiosk concept is perfectly suited.

Image : Kyros Kebab outlets display an attractive "mixture of Mediterranean and
Western fast food ambience."
Quality : Kyros Kebab offers quality, nutritious fast food to satisfy the sophisticated tastes of its consumers of various ethnic background. Our standards are carefully monitored to ensure that at all times hygiene and food handling practices are of the highest order.


The global expansion of Kyros Kebab has spanned various countries, ranging from Malaysia, Singapore,
People’s Republic of China, Indonesia and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Other countries are also being targeted for its international expansion via master franchising and or joint-venture.