Kebab in Lebanese Bread

It is served with a choice of lamb, beef, chicken and vegetarian and any other extras that one may desire. The delicious kebab can be either eaten as a quick snack or an entire meal in itself.

Kebab in Croissant

It is developed to appeal to professionals, expatriates and contemporary customers who are quality-oriented and health - conscious. This nutritious and tasty product is increasingly popular with the white-collar professionals.

Kebab with Fries

It is served with meat, fresh vegetables and fries with our special sauce on the plate. It caters particularly to children, teenager and young executives.

Kebab with Spice Rice

It is developed to appeal to the rice eating Malaysian consumers.

Kebab in Focaccia Bread

A contemporary product developed as a result of the high appeal of
focaccia bread found among the teenagers, executives and
professionals in the coffee chain outlets.

Shish Kebab

A traditional product which is kebab prepared in skewers together
with vegetables. It is widely sought after by all kebab - loving

Mama Mia Kyros Spaghetti

A sumptous Italian Spaghetti dish developed together with Kyros Kebab's
secret recipe.

Kyros Pitta

A unique product containing BBQ meat (a Malaysian delicacy) and
cucumber slices stuffed into a pita bread.
It can be eaten as a sandwich during breakfast and tea break.

Extra fillings for kebab such as pineapple, mushroom, kidney beans, cheese and extra meat can also be included, upon order by the consumers.

At Kyros Kebab, the meat is cooked in a vertically rotating burner which is a healthier cooking style that burns the fats away via vertical dipping and therefore reduces the cholesterol content of the cooked meat.

Kyros Kebab owes its success to the high quality, healthy, nutritional composition and unique taste of its
food which are encapsulated in its food slogan: Tastier and Healthier Wholesome Meal.