In today’s world of competitive business, aggressive marketing & promotion play an important role
in ensuring the business survival and sustainable growth of any business enterprise.
Taking cognizance of this vital business principle, Kyros Kebab has also embarked on an aggressive marketing
approach leading to the initiation of both nationwide/international promotional campaigns and publicity event,
and local store marketing programme.

(1) Nationwide Promotional Campaign
(a) Scratch N Win Contest

(b) Kyros Kebab Eating Contest

(c) 2002 Anniversary Celebration

(2) International Publicity Event

Launching Of Kyros Kebab China Franchise Programme By
His Honourable Prime Minister Of Malaysia

(3) Local Store Marketing

Localised marketing and promotional programmes launched by the individual Kyros Kebab outlets to improve
sales and increase consumer patronage via specific targeting at their immediate consumer catchment centers.