Why Franchise ?

Buying a franchise is completely different from buying any other form of business as franchising is about buying an experience from the franchisors.

Every successful franchisor has gone through errors and mistakes in the early days of their own operations, and it is the wisdom and experience they gained through these that they are able to pass on. They have successful franchised operations up and running. It is therefore vital that the risk of failure with a franchise is considerably less than with an untried business.

(i)Why choose Kyros Kebab?

• Ability to obtain a franchise at a reasonable cost;
• Unique product offering differentiated from other types of fast foods currently available;
• A successful product with established and lasting public appeal;
• Distinctive Outlets-clean, well-designed and attractive ambience;
• Lower set up cost of the outlet;
• Assistance from the franchisor;
• Quick return on investment provided the choice of concept and location is correct;
• Not at the mercy of the kitchen staff and chef;
• Operation is simple and uncomplicated;
• Easier to start a chain once consumers taste acceptance for product is established; and
• Longer operating life cycle and continous consumer demand for product

(ii)What does a franchisee get?

• Kyros Kebab identity, image and proven trading style;
• Methodology and Business Plan;
• Site selection and development assistance;
• On-the-job operation training for You and Your Staff during Pre and Post-opening of outlet;
• Ongoing supply of essential goods, equipment,etc;
• New Product and Menu Development;
• Ongoing support services in terms of regular franchise meeting;marketing promotion, staff training etc;
• Detailed Operating Manual;
• Advantages of international brand advertising; and
• Detailed contractual franchise agreements outlining rights and obligations of franchisor and franchisee.

Key Success Factors For Franchisees

The performance of every franchisees differs from one to the other. Some franchisees have been successful
and profitable for the first year while others are still not making money until now.

The characteristics of every successful franchisees can be enumerated as shown below :-
i. in constant communication with the Master Franchisee / Franchisor;
ii. Possess the dedication and commitment in ensuring the success of the business;
iii. Owner operator of the franchise business;
iv. Able to differentiate the rights and obligations between them and the franchisor;
v. Understand the basic principles of management and entrepreneurship;
vi. Acumen in monitoring and managing finance of the business;
vii. Participate and allocate sufficient resources in the marketing programmes;
viii. Comply and adhere to the franchise operating system.

Cost Outlay and Franchising Fee

Outlet Concept

Types of Franchise Available
Remark : ( 1 ) Based on Malaysian Experience
( 2 ) Not applicable to international franchise(outside Malaysia)