Fast Food has indeed become a worldwide phenomenon and ranked among the biggest money spinning businesses of all times. So widespread is its proliferation to the extent that it permeates the entire spectrum of every society across all gender, ethnic, religious, geographic and demographic divides. At its extreme, major US fast food corporations have been worshipped as the icons of American culture by
consumers all over the world.

Kebab has undergone a phenomenal growth due to its worldwide popularity perpetuated by the culinary influences of both Turkish and Lebanese immigrants.
Owing to its healthy nutritional content, kebab has had become the preferred dietary choice for the increasingly health conscious consumers, especially in the Western
nations of which Germany and United Kingdom enjoys an annual turnover of US$4.5 Billion and 300 million Sterling pounds respectively. The global expansion of kebab is therefore at the threshold of a new phenomenon in which kebab is poised to be the next global fast food sensation in the new millennium. Undoubtedly, Kyros Kebab is well
positioned to take advantage of this upcoming kebab boom.

Kyros Kebab has made tremendous progress as a kebab fast food chain which originated from Malaysia since its humble beginning in 1997. Over the past five years, it has since become the largest kebab chain in Malaysia with about 44 outlets distributed throughout the country. In the international front, outlets have been established in China, Singapore & Indonesia and, soon new outlets will be opened in Pakistan, India & South Africa.

Intensive development plans are being undertaken by the management to bring about the realization of the vision of transforming Kyros Kebab into a universal brandname supported by a global network of Kyros Kebab chain stores. As a result, the penultimate goal of promoting kebab as a staple food for the creation of a healthy and nutritious society in all nations of the world is therefore achieved.
In order to fulfil the accomplishment of our vision, rigorous efforts are being deployed towards the development of new product items, innovative marketing programmes, unique operating concepts, extended supply chains, international franchising and the like.

Franchising plays a pivotal role in spearheading the aggressive expansion of Kyros Kebab in both domestic and international markets. A testimony to this development can be illustrated by the fact that a vast majority of Kyros Kebab outlets are actually franchisee-owned which attests to the success of our franchising programme. Our international presence also augments the reality that Kyros Kebab's operational concept and franchising system can be universally accepted.

The Kyros Kebab Website has indeed provided us with an unprecedented platform and remarkable speed to reach out and solicit feedback from the world. Through browsing our numerous Web pages, you will acquire a better understanding of Kyros Kebab – its business background, its operational concept and franchising package, its achievements and aspirations.

Last but not least, the management would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every franchisee, supplier, banker, landlord, franchise consultant, business acquaintance & associate, and also Ministry of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia (Franchising Division) and Malaysia Franchise Association for their invaluable support and contribution given to us in the past as well as in the foreseeable future.

Thank you and best regards.
Chief Executive Officer