Where we come from

Flam's is the brainchild of Chef Giovanni and Sebastian, the restaurant manager. So what do an Italian and a Frenchman have in common?

Discerning standards in food and wine and perfectionist ideals for their authenticity. This is what you expect when you when you make your way into the restaurant.

With its red and black interior, Flam's exudes a warm welcome that is elegant yet cosy. It is certainly versatile in its clientele. Families, couples, yuppies and even solitary diners feel at home in the friendly ambience that pervades Flam's. With the assurance of quality food at down-to-earth prices, Flam's is fast gaining a keen following and a note-worthy reputation in Bangsar for fine cuisine.

Flam's(read as flames) is short for Flammekuchen or what is known as tarte flambee. This is essentially flat bread baked at high heat with toppings of cream cheese, onions and bacon.

Traditionally, this hails from the region of Alsace, where Sebastian comes from. As with many other culinary greats, the flam was a mistake that turned out to be a gastronomic legend that has persevered through many generations.

Today, flammekuchen restaurants are widely found in France and eating it has become a common social activity.

With the opening of this restaurant, the flam has made a grand entry into Malaysia and perhaps even Asia.


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