CaseyCan Family of Products perform for safety and reliability.

Our manufacturer is the sole Taiwan manufacturer of portable metal gasoline containers to have been awarded certification of the most rigid design safety standards and have been certified by the following internationally recognized agencies:-

  • United Laboratories (UL),USA
  • KHK, Japan
  • UN, United Nations
CaseyCan Family of Products offer variety and versatility.

Our manufacturer offers extensive range of portable gasoline containers, featuring a choice of materials and fuel capacities to meet your varied applications.


  • Flat type- series YT, ST, AT
  • Army can type-series CaseyCan, YR
  • Drum type-series, KT


  • Galvanized steel-all series YT, YR, ST
  • Spcc (Steel Plate Cold Commercial) Steel-Series KT
  • Stainless Steel-Series CaseyCan, KT

Our manufacturer proudly features its internationally patented stainless steel gasoline containers-series CaseyCan, at, the first portable metal containers of their kind in the world to feature uniquely designed funnel base and cap, engineered for minimal fume emissions as well as convenience.

CaseyCan Family of Products the logical choices for reliable fuel storage.

Our manufacturer offers a winning competitive advantage through its extensive line of top quality, attractively priced portable metal gasoline containers.

We proudly acknowledge that our CaseyCan Family of Products uniquely engineered models have been awarded patent in the:

  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Japan
  • Usa
  • Germany
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